“How can a lady cook while wearing makeup?” – Kanayo O. Kanayo blasts Nigerian filmmakers over inappropriate attire (Update)

Jul 21, 2023 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Famous Nollywood performer Kanayo O Kanayo has advocated for more realistic settings in films on social media.

He advised filmmakers to refrain from depicting wealthy people wearing traditional attire or a lot of cosmetics in regular circumstances.

The actor claims that many filmmakers need to be more conscious of how their work affects people’s cultural practices.

Kanayo also noticed that wealthy people usually wore casual clothing, with their pricey watches, shoes, and T-shirts standing out more than more formal attire.

He challenged his employees to create more realistic and genuine films to grow the company and establish a global name.

To create a beautiful image, many Nollywood producers provide a false impression of how people dress and use makeup in movies. IT IS MISTAKEN. The truth is that many professionals need to be made aware of filmmaking’s role in national development, particularly in terms of people’s culture and traditions. The wealthy often wear casual clothing. Many are recognisable by their pricey jewellery, shoes, and T-shirts, NOT AGBADA.

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