Grid Collapse: TCN sets up a method for detecting generation loss

Apr 18, 2024 | Business | 0 comments

On Wednesday, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) announced the deployment of a Generation Dip/Loss Detection System (GLDS) to swiftly identify and respond to sudden declines in power generation within its network.

According to Ndidi Mbah, TCN’s General Manager of Public Affairs, this advancement underscores TCN’s dedication to advancing grid management capabilities. The GLDS, recently implemented by TCN engineers, empowers the National Control Center (NCC) in Osogbo by furnishing grid controllers with cutting-edge tools for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Mbah highlighted the intuitive interface of GLDS, facilitating parameter settings, continuous monitoring of power stations, and detailed reporting functionalities, enabling quick responses to grid disturbances.

She elaborated that GLDS integrates sophisticated data analytics and machine learning algorithms to swiftly detect anomalies in power generation. By promptly identifying deviations from normal grid behavior, GLDS enables proactive interventions to prevent widespread disruptions.

Moreover, seamless communication between GLDS and IoT cloud servers ensures rapid response and coordination of mitigation strategies, emphasizing TCN’s commitment to enhancing grid resilience and ensuring uninterrupted electricity delivery nationwide.

TCN engineers have developed an in-house design leveraging IoT technology to address challenges related to limited visibility of power generators. Strategically deployed IoT devices across power stations and substations enable near real-time data collection, including power generation levels and grid performance metrics. This expansion of visibility from 6 to 27 power generating stations significantly enhances TCN’s ability to monitor grid load and identify potential issues proactively.

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