Government representatives and security guards enticing young people with N200 to become bandits – Gov. Radda

May 7, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

Governor Dikko Radda of Katsina State has raised concerns over the alleged complicity of security personnel and government officials in aiding banditry in the northern region of Nigeria.

In an interview with ChannelsTV over the weekend, Governor Radda, whose state is severely affected by the security challenges in the North West, pointed out that the situation has become a lucrative business for criminals, with some individuals within government and security outfits allegedly involved.

He attributed the prevalence of insecurity in the region partly to the country’s high level of poverty, stating, “Now it has turned into a business venture for the criminals, some people who are in government, some people who are in security outfits, and some people who are responsible for the day-to-day activities of their people.”

Governor Radda refuted claims that the security crisis was politically motivated, asserting that financial incentives facilitate the recruitment of youths as bandits, particularly in the north. He highlighted the ease with which youths can be persuaded to join criminal activities with relatively small sums of money.

Regarding negotiations with bandits, Governor Radda emphasized that his administration would not negotiate from a position of weakness. He highlighted the complexities involved in negotiating with multiple bandit camps, each with its own leadership structure, making it challenging to achieve lasting peace through negotiations alone.

Governor Radda defended his recent trip to the United States, stating that it was at the invitation of the United States Institute of Peace to participate in a symposium aimed at exploring ideas to address insecurity in Nigeria. He clarified that select governors did not organize the meeting but by the institute, with the participation of governors from states affected by banditry and kidnapping. The symposium provided an opportunity for governors to exchange ideas and engage with stakeholders on strategies for achieving lasting peace and security.

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