Give your Zakat so that we may lessen poverty in Nigeria, the MAN urges wealthy Muslims

Jul 14, 2023 | Religion | 0 comments

The Muslim Association of Nigeria (MAN) has urged wealthy Muslims to give their Zakat (charity) contributions on time and in full.

The group said this is essential to lowering the nation’s poverty level.

The third pillar of the Islamic faith is the payment of Zakat.

To close the gap between the privileged and the needy, MAN has nonetheless urged wealthy Muslims to pay their Zakat.

Rahman Olawale AbdulGaniy, the group’s chairman of the Ibadan branch, revealed the information after giving the Zakat (charity) earnings to 35 recipients from Lagos and Oyo State.

The recipients of the Zakat distribution received instruments for empowerment, according to AbdulGaniy, who talked with our reporter on Thursday following the distribution.

AbdulGaniy also urged those who make monthly donations to continue, stating that poverty will decrease if the wealthy members of society pay their Zakat.

“I want to urge the wealthy people to always pay their Zakat,” he remarked. We’ll give it to the underprivileged. This will enable us to lower the poverty rate. The government is limited in its abilities.

“Zakat has many advantages. The third pillar of Islam is the payment of Zakat. When we pay it, it enables us to cleanse our money. Also, it aids in lowering the rate of poverty. It promotes equitable wealth distribution.

One of the BOT members of MAN, Bayo Oyero, also counselled other Muslim groups to imitate the Zakat-sharing custom to reduce poverty, particularly among Muslims.

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