Ghana’s Kofa and Nigeria’s MAX collaborate on an e-bike financing scheme

Apr 19, 2024 | International | 0 comments

Nigeria’s MAX, a trailblazer in electric vehicle solutions across Africa, and Ghana’s Kofa, a key player in energy network innovation, have joined forces in a landmark deal. This partnership entails MAX providing financing options for over 2,000 groundbreaking TailG Jidi bikes developed in collaboration with Kofa and TailG.

MAX spearheads the democratization of vehicle ownership and electric mobility in Africa through its tech-centric platform. It offers a range of services, including subscription-based vehicle financing, state-of-the-art electric vehicle solutions, and comprehensive support services.

On the other hand, Kofa is dedicated to establishing affordable, sustainable, and customer-centric electricity networks, with a focus on electric motorcycles. Collaborating with TailG Group, a prominent Chinese electric vehicle brand, Kofa introduced the Jidi electric motorcycle last October and announced plans for its second-generation Kore 2 Swap & Go network.

This partnership signifies a significant stride in enhancing access to green transportation in Africa. MAX’s financing options for the motorbikes will empower more individuals and businesses to embrace eco-friendly transportation, aligning with the shared vision of both companies for a sustainable future.

“This collaboration between MAX and Kofa represents a crucial move towards a greener, more sustainable Africa. It is poised to expedite the shift to green energy and sustainable transportation across the continent,” affirmed the companies.

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