Reactions to a rare video of veteran Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu walking around the internet are varied.

The actor, who hasn’t been seen on film in a while, was spotted travelling with his wife and son.

Agu Chiwetalu. Instagram is the photo source.

They were out for a walk in order to stay healthy, he disclosed.

He stood with one hand on his walking stick while his kid was observed placing an article of clothes around his neck.

Social media users have, however, responded to the video in a variety of ways. Some have noted how old he now appears.

Read some comments below:

footballmaniactrivia said: “Is it only me or there is something wrong with this video”

optimistic_winnie said: “Old age is truly a blessing May his days be long with good health and sound mind”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “Not me waiting for him to shout “ekwensu romancia maami water”… Bless him”

angel_ray_phyna said: “Who else is looking at the boy hmmm”

amarasunshin said: “I doubt if he is ok , but then again, he looks like someone making an effort to take care of himself, ok then, please those in position to check up on him should do so fast please”

Watch the video below: