Expert advises state governments to increase health sector spending

May 17, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

On Wednesday, a health expert urgently underscored the necessity for increased investment from state governments to enhance the healthcare sector nationwide.

Dr. Chidjoke Kadiru, a public health physician at Corona Management Systems, stressed the significance of investment plans and a sector-wide approach to propel the country forward.

Highlighting insights from the Primary Health Care Assessment/Trend Analysis, Dr. Kadiru noted that public primary health facilities need to manage funding more effectively. He emphasized the need to support these facilities for improved performance and to ensure accountability.

Dr. Kadiru also emphasized the importance of community involvement in the primary healthcare system and urged collective action toward its effective implementation.

Addressing infrastructure concerns, Dr. Kadiru highlighted the essential need for amenities such as clean water, proper sleeping quarters, and electricity in health facilities. He stressed the necessity for refrigeration to preserve drugs effectively and avoid misuse.

Regarding digital health, Dr. Kadiru pointed out the critical lack of internet support for healthcare workers, which is hindering the deployment of electronic medical records and telemedicine. He stressed the absolute necessity for robust internet infrastructure, training, and capacity building to enable effective reporting.

Stanley Achono, the Country Director of One campaign, mentioned their data collection efforts and highlighted findings related to vaccination and child nutrition. He expressed their intention to share these findings with the government to inform policy decisions.

Achono emphasized the importance of setting baselines for government assessment and policy improvement. He affirmed their commitment to transparency by making the findings public and hoped for future progress based on government policies.

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