“Ex-Presidential Candidate Tells Peter Obi, If You Can’t End The Crisis Now, Leave The Labour Party”

Apr 18, 2024 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, a former presidential aspirant of the Labour Party (LP), has challenged the party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, amidst the ongoing leadership turmoil within the opposition ranks.

Conflicting factions within the LP, spearheaded by Julius Abure and Apapa Lamidi, have exacerbated the discord. Each is vying for supremacy over the national chairmanship. Complicating matters further, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has asserted its stake in the LP.

Amidst the power struggle, Abure secured reelection during a contentious national convention held in Anambra State.

In a statement released on Friday, Faduri urged Obi to take decisive action to avert the party’s collapse and ensure its resilience as a viable opposition force before the 2027 general elections.

Faduri emphasised, “Enough is enough! Let’s set aside our differences and collaborate to steer our nation towards good governance. Our country, in my view, is rich in resources but poor in leadership.”

“If Mr. Peter Obi is unable to unify the party,” Faduri asserted, “he should consider stepping aside. I implore all patriotic Nigerians with sincere intentions to rally behind our party, enabling us to salvage our nation. The Labour Party stands as the beacon of hope for Nigerians.”

Highlighting the LP’s pivotal role as a credible alternative, Faduri underscored the urgency of rejuvenating the party’s leadership. “If the current leadership cannot reconcile,” he urged, “I urge them to gracefully exit, allowing us to rebuild the party in collaboration with the NLC and grassroots Nigerians. Together, we will be poised to challenge any authority, any administration, come 2027,” he concluded, as reported by Daily Post.

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