Ex-Minister Dalung accuses Tinubu of falling victim to subsidy swindlers and says, “You wentofed.”

Oct 9, 2023 | Sports | 0 comments

President Bola Tinubu is alleged by former Minister of Sports and Youth Solomon Dalung as a victim of fuel subsidy fraud.

In a recent interview with Trust Radio, Dalung made this statement while reviewing the current government.

He stated that subsidies were no longer available, which played right into the hands of subsidy racketeers. And Nigerians still aren’t over that trauma, Dalung claimed.

He did, however, assert that if subsidies must be eliminated, Tinubu should reintroduce the 50%.

PENGASSAN confirms that fuel subsidies will resume under Tinubu.

Rich consumers gain more from the electricity subsidy, according to NERC.

The ex-minister added that Tinubu must protect the Naira because “sending a soldier to war naked” would be the equivalent of letting the Naira float.

The former minister pleaded with the president to save Nigerians’ lives and clear his name because they can no longer make sacrifices for the future due to his “doesn’t have a human face” economic policies.

Dalung argued that the current problems the country is experiencing need to be addressed because they are causing people to suffer and die from hunger.

He declared, “The promise that Nigerians can make in exchange for the future is unachievable, making him appear to be a wicked leader. He must clear his name because people are starving to death while you are asking them to make sacrifices. Who will, therefore, be able to see the future if they all die in sacrifice?

Before discussing economic policies, “He needs to save lives. His economic policies should have a human face. He said, “If not, he’ll end up like Buhari.

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