Evang. Oisamoje Chides Tinubu says palliative plan is forever going and coming

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An APC chieftain congratulated Professor Julius Omozuanvbo Ihonvbere, who represents Owan Federal Constituency in the greenhouse of Nigeria’s Supreme Legislative, on his extraordinary performance and elevation as Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. The renowned son of Owen Land’s exceptional parliamentary politics earned him this diadem in the people’s political history. He noted.

Engr. Andrew Ijegbai, an APC Chieftain and C/CEO of Ijegbai Group of Businesses, said in Benin City that Prof. Ihonvbere’s passion for empowering Owan land’s people via numerous initiatives, charity, and infrastructure development is a top-notch. Andrew Ijegbai also recognizes Ihonvbere’s influence on numerous people and his persistent dedication to improving Owan Federal Constituency’s well-being and prospects.

“Ihonvberes’ intervention programmes have offered enormous assistance to the Edo People, particularly his constituency, helping them to surge through the terrible periods thrust on them by nature’s vagaries and other natural disasters”.

He implemented measures to help Nigerians cope with economic hardship. His philanthropy has helped Owan Land’s small and medium-sized company owners.

Engr. Andrew Ijegbai said Ihonvbere’s infrastructure investment has enhanced Owan land’s connection, accessibility, and quality of life. As Owan grows under his National Assembly leadership, his efforts as Chairman, Basic Education, and services will benefit future generations.

Ijegbai said that Ihonvbere had altered almost every school in the Owan area as Education Committee chairman, adding that his new job would replace Eldorado.

According to Majority Leader Engr. Ijegbai, the erudite Professor promotion, is a well-deserved acknowledgement of his nation-building efforts and persistent devotion. It proves that mediocrity can never rule greatness.

Ijegbai concluded, “On behalf of my family, staff, and management of Ijegbai Group of Companies and the entire Owan family, I heartily congratulate you in confident assurances that your emergence will make Owan a trajectory of modern-day development and a state-of-the-art within the microcosm of Edo State.”

We pray for you as you navigate this position’s equal opportunity and difficulties. We know there is almost no route higher than your intellectual circumvallation. Thus, we are proud of you.

Congrats again.

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