EU Approves $116.9 Million To Increase Somalia’s Security

Apr 19, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

The European Union (EU) announced its approval of $116.9 million for stabilization efforts in Somalia. The funds, greenlit by the Political and Security Committee of the EU Council on Tuesday, are designated to bolster the transition process for the Somali National Army (SNA).

According to the EU, the Council will allocate support to the military segment of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS). This approval marks an addition of $74.4 million to the resources previously mobilized for ATMIS in past years, alongside $42.5 million allocated for the SNA.

The stated objective of both actions is to facilitate the transfer of security responsibilities from ATMIS to the SNA, empowering the latter while enabling the former to fulfill its mandate, as outlined in a statement by the EU.

In 2023, ATMIS commenced the withdrawal of its troops from Somalia in compliance with a United Nations Security Council resolution. Subsequently, ATMIS completed the first and second phases of its drawdown, withdrawing 5,000 troops and relinquishing control of 13 military bases to Somali security forces. An additional 4,000 troops are slated for withdrawal by the end of June.

The approved support is primarily earmarked for ATMIS troop allowances, with a focus on non-lethal equipment provision for the SNA. The EU emphasized its status as the largest direct contributor to ATMIS, having disbursed nearly $2.87 billion since 2007.

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