Ethiopian police brutalise Nigerian inmates over SaharaReporters’ Stories, Others

Oct 5, 2023 | Security | 0 comments

The police called the convicts’ predicament an “international embarrassment to the government of Ethiopia” after several complaints.

SaharaReporters has learned that Ethiopian police have again brutalised Nigerians at Kaliti Prison in Addis Ababa.

The police called the convicts’ predicament an “international embarrassment to the government of Ethiopia” after several complaints.

Some said the police accused them of lying about their brutal treatment to “a newspaper, SaharaReporters and one Dr Paul Ezike.”

Ethiopian police have battered us, Nigerian detainees, accusing us of insulting the nation for days.

This followed our reporting to SaharaReporters regarding our people’s deaths, Dr. Ezike’s film, and our embassy here. Since we’re not the only foreigners here, they said we’ve embarrassed them globally.

“Most of us have untreated injuries. Sadly, the Nigerian government that should aid us defends them. The Federal Government of Nigeria should be held accountable if any of us die again,” one inmate informed SaharaReporters Wednesday night.

Two Nigerians perished at Ethiopia’s Kaliti Prison in the previous six months.

Uchenna Nwanneneme died of an unidentified illness without care, while Chizoba Eze died in the same hospital after claimed physical assault.

SaharaReporters was informed by many sources that Eze was injured by police at the facility and died.

Prison authorities reportedly blocked other convicts from reporting the incident to the Nigerian embassy and kept her body in her cell for nearly 36 hours.

“Chizoba Favour Eze, a Nigerian woman, was brutally murdered at Kaliti Prison in Ethiopia. She died on March 12, 2023. Our sister was slain by cops, which is terrible. A facility source stated that after viciously striking her on the breasts, they inflicted internal chest damage that killed her.

She became ill after a week due to her inside injuries. This was her first hospital visit, and the doctor gave her an injection before they took her back to her room.

“On Saturday, March 11, 2023, the deceased felt weak again and was taken to the hospital. They brought the same injection, and she complained bitterly that it harmed her body. They forced her to take the shot after she said she didn’t want to.

Sunday morning, she died. She died in her room from an injection, which made Brazilian and Venezuelan ladies and others feel awful.

The foreigners got the Nigerian embassy’s phone number from the deceased’s suitcase since the corpse had been in the room for over 36 hours.

“The foreigners wanted to call the Nigerian embassy to report what was happening, but the policewomen stopped them.”

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