Eight weeks after being detained for skipping court, a 19-year-old lady with mental health concerns passes away in her cell; her family demands an explanation

Aug 9, 2023 | Health | 0 comments

The family of a young girl who died in a prison cell while serving a misdemeanour is seeking answers.

Detectives discovered Noni Battiste-Kosoko unconscious in her Fulton County prison cell around 6:30 p.m. on July 11. She has been imprisoned at the Atlanta City Detention Center on a misdemeanour bench warrant since May 20 after failing to appear in court to answer February trespassing and vandalism allegations.

The sheriff’s officials discovered Battiste-Kosoko alone with “no visible evidence of injuries” and no cause of death.

Her family admitted she had a mental illness last month and said they wanted to find out what happened to her.

“Our family is determined to find all the facts surrounding this surprising and terrible tragedy,” a statement added.

“If Noni’s death is caused by her caregivers, they will be held guilty.”

Shashi Battiste told Atlanta News First: “My kid was arrested for a misdemeanour and died in prison.

“And answers!”

Her family put up a GoFundMe to cover funeral and legal fees, and lawyers plan to issue an Ante Litem letter to Fulton County, proposing a lawsuit.

“At this moment, all we know is that the Fulton County Prison has severe concerns with healthcare and Noni died strangely while in their custody,” said Battiste family attorney Dr. Roderick Edmond.

The US Department of Justice announced a civil inquiry into Fulton County prison conditions two days after Battiste-death Kosoko’s in July.

According to a news release, the inquiry would determine whether Fulton County and the Sheriff’s Office discriminated against psychiatrically disabled inmates.

“All Georgians deserve fairness from the institutions that serve us, including our local prisons,” stated Northern District US Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan.

“The latest reports of unclean quarters teaming with insects, widespread violence leading to death and injury, and cops employing excessive force are severe concerns and need a comprehensive inquiry.

“This inquiry is part of our continuous efforts to keep persons safe and their constitutional rights safeguarded while in custody.”

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