During America’s Got Talent, Josh2Funny absolutely crushed it

Aug 11, 2023 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Many Nigerians believed that Josh2Funny was on America’s Got Talent to put us in our place. Lol. Most likely, they didn’t grasp the humour. Josh went there to promote his business, and the Show’s producers were undoubtedly on board. He also performed an AMAZING STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW!

Like the musical breaks on Shows, his performance may be compared to a humorous interlude!

After the initial misunderstanding, he made the people roar!

He made Simon, who seldom grins, applaud and clap!

His remarks were precise, crisp, and clear.

He handled the situation well, and of course, he is likeable.

Watch as he becomes widely accepted in the American comedy scene via collaborations with people like Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Trevor Noah.

That’s wonderful of him.

Josh, good job!

the video below

If Simon calls you “funny,” you must genuinely be funny, as he doesn’t often appreciate others.

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