Dr. Omambala: “Women in the Entertainment Industry Should Support One Another”

Sep 28, 2023 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Dr. Ngozi Omambala, Chairperson, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Entertainment Group, has urged women in the creative and entertainment industry to support each other for female succession.
Omambala, the founder of NMO Management and Music/Fashion Runway, noted in a recent interview that many successful female entertainers don’t support each other.

She added: “Many female members came through and are household names today. They have closed the door on sisterhood support. I need clarification on the lack of female creative and entertainment succession.

I want more mutual Support in the entertainment industry. The 2011 female-only LoudNProudLive platform addressed gender disparity in entertainment by providing visibility and Support in a new live music space.

Omambala explained how LCCI can help creative and entertainment youth: “Support and encouragement added with an enabling environment are key to addressing problems of youth empowerment in the entertainment sector.

She added: “LCCI creative and entertainment group recognises the importance of youth demographic in the sector’s future growth, with 70% under 30 and 42% under 15.” With 223 million people, Nigeria has the world’s most youth.

“Lagos has 25 million people, 60% of whom are 15–35.

“Youth are yet to fully understand the power of their talent on economic transformational growth and GDP.”

“LCCI wants to support growth and productivity by providing a better environment. With LCCI president Asiwaju Olawale-Cole, Deputy Gabriel Idahosa, Director General Chinyere Almona, and an executive council infrastructure, we aim to work with companies, institutions, and stakeholders to solve problems.

“I recently met UK foreign secretary James Cleverly to discuss collaboration and diaspora engagement in the arts. As a UK native, I worked and went to school.

I’m talking with a major TV music network about packaging videos for the youth market, making it affordable to market songs with videos and get TV airplay and promotion.

She praised the entertainment sector for contributing to the nation’s GDP. She said that social media has brought afrobeats to the world and that artists are being booked for global performances and paid top dollar.

However, she stressed that artists must recognise the value of their IP.

She stressed: “whilst monetising their craft without selling out. As a lifetime business, successful artists must secure their future assets to ensure their career and longevity.

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