Don’t kill politicians who steal billions – Ndume gives condition for death penalty

May 17, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

Senator Ali Ndume, the Senate’s Chief Whip, has expressed his stance against imposing death penalties on corrupt politicians who embezzle millions or billions but advocates for severe consequences for those involved in trillion-level corruption.

Ndume emphasized that individuals primarily drive corruption in Nigerian politics and may not necessarily warrant harsh punishments.

While acknowledging the presence of corruption among politicians, he highlighted that resources are often distributed among the populace.

During an int”rview with Channels Television, he remarked, “If you compare us, politicians, to all the corruption, it i” very small. Our corruption is people-driven.”

Ndume stressed the need for accountability but suggested that the severity of punishment should be proportionate to the scale of corruption. He stated, “If you steal it, you will go and share it with the people. If you don’t, you are not coming back for four years. There is no reason for stealing.”

While indicating his willingness to consider death penalties for extreme cases of corruption, he cautioned against applying such penalties to those who embezzle smaller amounts.

He concluded, “If the death penalty is supposed to be included in corruption, I will support it but you don’t go and kill someone that stole one million or one billion, no. But someone who steals one trillion of government money should be killed.”

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