Davido reveals his musical genre and criticises afrobeats

Apr 25, 2024 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Grammy-nominated Nigerian artist David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has decided to distance himself from the ‘Afrobeats music label. In a recent interview on the Business Untitled Podcast, Davido expressed frustration with the tendency to pigeonhole all African artists into the Afrobeats genre, regardless of their unique musical styles.

While he doesn’t take offence at the broad categorization, Davido prefers to classify his music as ‘Afrofusion’ rather than Afrobeats. He pointed out that the UK was the first to embrace African music internationally, initially labelling it as Afrobeats. However, he highlighted the misconception that all African songs are now labelled Afrobeats, regardless of their genre.

Davido emphasized the diversity of African music, noting that artists who produce R&B or rap styles similar to Western artists like SZA or Drake are still labelled as Afrobeats. Despite this, he still understands the need for a genre classification but suggests that more specific terms like R&B or Afropop could be used.

While Davido personally calls his music Afrofusion, he doesn’t insist on this label for his songs. He acknowledges the lengthy journey it took for African music to gain mainstream recognition. He encourages a broader understanding of African musical diversity and hopes for more accurate genre classifications in the future.

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