Davido Explains How He Made $600,000 Via a Single Video Trend on Social Media

Apr 26, 2024 | Entertainment

The Afrobeats sensation recently stirred up social media with a humorous plea for financial aid ahead of his birthday. He jokingly sought assistance to clear his opulent Cullinan car with Nigerian Customs. Sharing insights on the Business Untitled Podcast, the artist highlighted the exorbitant costs associated with importing vehicles into the country, expressing astonishment at the overwhelming response from his dedicated fan base.

Davido recounted how a simple social media post sparked an unprecedented wave of generosity, culminating in contributions exceeding expectations, totalling a remarkable $600,000. Additionally, during the podcast, he disclosed his recent earnings of $1.3 million from his electrifying performance at the MSG Arena, underscoring his continued success in the music industry.

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