Davido Discusses Afrobeats, “Boxing” Africans, and Reveals His Type of Music, Much Like Burna Boy and Wizkid

Apr 26, 2024 | Entertainment

During the latest episode of the Business Untitled Podcast, the acclaimed singer delved into the classification of African music, particularly its reception outside the continent, notably in the UK, where it was initially coined as Afrobeats.

Davido highlighted the tendency to label diverse musical styles from African artists as Afrobeats, regardless of their genre. He pointed out that even if an African artist produces pure R&B or raps akin to international artists like SZA or Drake, they are still often categorized under the umbrella term of Afrobeats.

The “Unavailable” artist, known for his versatility, expressed his indifference towards this categorization, citing his music as an example of “Afrofusion.”

This discussion echoes similar sentiments expressed by Burna Boy and Wizkid, who have distanced themselves from the Afrobeats label, preferring terms like Afro-fusion to encapsulate the diverse influences in their music.

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