Dangote Refinery reduces the cost of diesel to ₦1,000

Apr 18, 2024 | Business | 0 comments

Dangote Petroleum Refinery has made a historic announcement, further reducing the price of diesel from ₦1,200 to ₦1,000 per litre, marking a significant drop just three weeks after its initial introduction at ₦1,200 per litre.

This reduction, exceeding 30% from the previous market rate of around ₦1,600 per litre, holds promising implications for consumers nationwide. The move is poised to alleviate the strain of high inflation rates, offering relief to both individuals and businesses.

The decision underscores Dangote Petroleum Refinery’s commitment to fostering economic growth and affordability. By providing essential fuels at more accessible rates, the refinery aims to bolster various industries, streamline transportation logistics, and contribute to overall economic stability.

This development heralds a positive outlook for diverse sectors, from agriculture to manufacturing, promising a ripple effect of economic relief across the nation.

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