Customers of GTBank are irate as the bank fails to update the app

Jul 17, 2023 | Business | 0 comments

Due to digital operations interruption, GTBank customers complained about the bank’s mobile app on Friday.

An app upgrade to facilitate the bank’s mobile transactions caused login troubles and other consumer concerns.

On Tuesday, the bank texted and emailed clients that its app would be automatically updated on July 12e redesigned GTWorld Mobile Banking App will be released in July July 12he Play Store and App Store. If App Upgrades are automatic, the GTWorld Mobile Banking App will start with a new UI.

To use the new GTWorld Mobile App, you must manually upgrade it if App updates are not automatic on your mobile device. “Please notice that we will stop support of the existing GTWorld App on 12 August notification said.

Since Thursday, GTBank users have had issues with app updates since many were not told about the requirement to activate auto-updates.

Deji Elifisan wanted more.

He wrote: “I believe they should have stressed that we must put our GT app on auto-update to prevent this difficulty many are encountering. I read in their emails to auto-update the app to prevent this.”

PREMIUM TIMES found that consumer issues varied, but they all had trouble accessing their app accounts.

After inputting their phone number, several users said the software stopped them from continuing. After many failed login attempts, others were shut out.

Several frustrated consumers deleted the app to fix the login difficulties, only to find that both the new and old versions had vanished from the App Store.

PREMIUM TIMES interviewed several clients who were unable to use banking services.

“I even erased it, now I can’t locate both the new and old app on the App Store,” one consumer, Oluwadamilare, stated.

“I am lost; only God knows how many times I’ve hit continue after typing my phone number,” said Azyzah. God! Progress has yet to be made. I seldom update, but my phone updated automatically this morning. It’s frustrating.”

Customer Olukotun Gideon wrote: “I came to Twitter for this. Logging in after my app icon changed. Tried till locked out. Retrying an hour later made things worse. Uninstalled and reinstalled… It’s gone from App Store. GTB… Please breathe.”

GTBank has not resolved the issue despite consumer outrage.

As of Saturday afternoon, bank spokesman Charles Eremi has yet to return many calls and texts.

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