“Corporate African Eco Retreat” is the fourth tourism product released by tourism expert Akinboboye

Nov 4, 2023 | International | 0 comments

Corporate African Eco Retreat (CAER)! This is tourist Icon Wanle Akinboboye’s 4th of 52 new tourist goods to boost local and international tourism.

In this week’s tourist product, Corporate African Eco Retreat, CAER, Tourism Icon Otunba Wanle Akinboboye calls for commercial and public sector tourist involvement.

“This week, we will leverage our culture, especially in Corporate Nigeria or Corporate Africa,” said Akinboboye. “Our culture is neglected in Corporate Nigeria. Our nation spreads into foreign cultures as it grows. Our fashion and spending habits.

“They go to China, Dubai, Europe for retreat to announce your arrival. But that’s expensive! Imagine ticket prices alone. Government officials like retreats abroad to collect estacode. They retreat into concrete jungles abroad. We designed the ‘Corporate African Eco Retreat’ (CAER) to combine African culture into bonding and retreats. We prefer an eco-friendly setting for cultural bonding. Most environmental resorts are in local governments where the poorest live. We link corporate people at retreats to transfer wealth.

In the past, well-meaning retreat attendees have funded various staff members for higher education. For corporate social responsibility. The link was created with Corporate African Eco Retreat.

Tourism icon Akinboboye stressed CAER’s role in global warming. “We can preserve our natural ecosystem by making it profitable. Preserving our ecosystem reduces global warming.

Nigeria’s 774 rich-in-nature and culture local governments are its strongest advantage. We won’t need to mull down countryside resorts in our local governments if they generate cash that keeps them informed.

“These are the two main ingredients that Corporate African Eco Retreat offers executives to escape their regular environment.

“Retreats allow people to get away from their surroundings and think creatively. Stay away from their habitat to a shoddy copy of it, which they’re attempting to escape.

“This tourism product has these benefits.

Entrepreneurs might benefit by combining executive retreats and getaways with our resort. Partner with CAER to succeed, Akinboboye said.

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