Clark charges Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi, of murder and corruption

May 6, 2024 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

During a heated interview on Arise Television, Nigerian elder statesman Edwin Clark launched a blistering critique of Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi State.

Clark painted a stark portrait of Bello’s tenure, describing it as “tumultuous, tainted by corruption, and marked by violence.”

He specifically cited incidents of violence during elections, suggesting potential human rights violations.

Clark called for Bello to be subject to legal scrutiny, urging the ex-governor to address questions regarding his financial affairs. Clark expressed concern over the origin of funds allegedly used by Bello to make payments to an American school, questioning whether the funds belonged to Bello personally or to the state of Kogi.

The interview also touched on the performance of the current Kogi governor, Ahmed Ododo. Clark criticized Ododo for seemingly “chasing after” Bello, implying a lack of assertive leadership.

He stated, “Yahaya Bello has been obstinate. His governance has been turbulent, marked by corruption and violence, particularly during elections.

“The time has come for him to be held accountable. He should face legal proceedings. He needs to clarify where his funds originated from.

“Is it true that the money he used to pay the American school fees belongs to him personally or to the government of Kogi State?

“The conduct of the new governor suggests that Yahaya Bello is still in power. Ahmed Ododo seems to be trailing him.

“I urge Ododo to take appropriate action so that the youth of this country will have a promising future.”

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