Atiku leaves Chicago State University empty-handed

Aug 25, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Chicago State University in the US required President Bola Tinubu’s credentials.

The University would only allow access to Tinubu’s credentials if they show clear arguments for their relevance to the elections.

This responds to the PDP’s Application and Atiku Abubakar’s February 25 presidential bid.

“Abubakar wants Tinubu’s private educational records from the University through a documents subpoena (Doc.1-1) and a deposition subpoena (Doc. 1-2). As Tinubu opposed this finding, the University defers to him on Abubakar’s Application’s privacy grounds. The paper said.

The tribunal reserves its decision on Atiku’s case against Tinubu.

It added, “The University struggles to understand how Tinubu’s grades and other student records from the 1970s and date and signatory information on subsequently issued ceremonial diplomas could affect a 2023 election challenge in a foreign country, given that Tinubu graduated from the University in 1979.

Nonetheless, the University needs to familiarize itself with the Nigerian proceeding’s concerns, evidential, and legal concepts. The University defers to Tinubu, who is conversant with these matters and personally participated in that international procedure, to raise procedural and relevant objections to the Applicant.

Learn about the destiny of Nigerians in the election tribunal.

At a recent discussion with Abubakar’s lawyer concerning the Application, he verified that the Nigerian proceeding’s evidence phase has ended, but that appeal procedures would include the Application’s information.

In determining the Application, the University respectfully begs that this Court consider both the current state of the Nigerian process and the probability that any discovery material given by the University would be considered.

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