“Atiku Is Coming To Wipe The Tears Of Nigerians,” the court said

Aug 4, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) hopes the presidential election appeal tribunal will rule in favour of Atiku Abubakar.

The PDP leaders asked Nigerians to be patient with President Bola Tinubu’s “anti-people” policies.

PDP veterans under the Forum of National Assembly contenders in the 2023 general elections in Kano State, headed by Engr. Ahmed Rufa’i Dagumawa, believed Atiku would rescue Nigerians.

The organization blasted the APC’s policies, claiming it is “damaging and rejecting the core democratic values toward the full use of our dear country’s natural riches via their old and worse economic policies.”

It advised Nigerians to obey the law and await the court’s ruling.

“Election days come and go, but the true battle for improved and decent government remains,” the statement adds. The Federal House of Representatives candidates from the last general election are dissatisfied with the country’s economic, political, and social trajectory. The APC government’s weary and worse economic policies have destroyed and denied the core democratic values of fully profiting from our dear country’s natural riches.

“Considering what is occurring for the time being, we are not content with how earnings, income, salaries, property value, and retirement savings are significantly failing while poverty is growing quickly.

We disagree with the severe escalation in petroleum pump prices, APC monetary and fiscal policies, and foreign currency problems.

“We criticized the way Nigerians are getting impoverished every minute and international commerce, the balance of payment system, and foreign direct and portfolio investment of APC administration.

We denounced the nation’s security status. We strongly oppose the student loan and tuition rise in Nigerian colleges.

“We are asking and requesting to the presidential court of the tribunal to do justice concerning the election result and also the democratic and economic existence of our country and to look at the very important office in a democracy that is “citizens”.

“As Democrats, we are asking members of our great party, PDP, countrywide, to remain quiet and become decent people who follow Nigerian laws and wait for the ruling. We anticipate a favourable result that will elevate our country’s justice system.

Dagumawa said, “We have very high optimism that a court would do every essential thing to look at the Nigerian masses in totality because they are the heartbeat and the final hope of the Nigerian masses.

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