As the organisation compensates distributors for promoting Tim, Nigerians are advised to prioritise healthcare. Jan; Anti-HIV/AIDS, Anti-Cancer Drug

May 6, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

Today, four outstanding distributors of Tim Jan organic products, renowned for their efficacy in treating life-threatening ailments like HIV/AIDS, prostate cancer/enlargement, breast cancer, and arthritis, were rewarded with cars. Additionally, top-performing distributors received international trip awards to South Africa, while eight individuals were granted N200,000 each, with others receiving consolation prizes.

The CEO of TimJan, Mr. Nnamdi Dennis Okonkwo, speaking on the occasion, emphasized the organization’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding deserving distributors. He elaborated that Tim Jan has been operating in Nigeria for over a year, with the promise of rewarding diligent distributors. The award ceremony took place at Dees Hotel, 8/10 Hollandia Way, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

Okonkwo elucidated on the motivation behind the gesture, stating it aims to inspire others and encourage those striving to achieve milestones within Tim Jan’s Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) platform. He highlighted the origin and composition of Tim Jan products, emphasizing their efficacy in treating various ailments. Okonkwo underscored that the products, containing aloe ferox found exclusively in South Africa, have been approved by NAFDAC and the South African drug regulatory agency.

He elaborated on the potency of Tim Jan products in treating over 105 ailments, including cancer, arthritis, and HIV/AIDS, emphasizing their anti-cancerous and anti-tumor properties. Pastor David Elijah, one of the car awardees, expressed gratitude for the recognition, attributing his success to his dedication over the past 12 months.

Dr. Sunday Baderewa, a medical consultant with the organization, highlighted the unique properties of Tim Jan products, emphasizing their organic composition and absence of side effects. Chief Frank Ofodili Ubadima, the Board Chairman of Tim Jan Nigeria, urged Nigerians to prioritize their health and underscored the life-saving potential of Tim Jan products.

The award ceremony, attended by dignitaries and distributors, celebrated the remarkable achievements of individuals contributing to the success of Tim Jan products in Nigeria.

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