As a dancer, I first went to work for Kannywood, says Bilal Mustapha

Jul 15, 2023 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Rising Kannywood actor Bilal Mustapha is well-known for his parts in films like Zo Mu Zauna and Ina da Mata. He claims, among other things, that his love of films started while he was still a child in this interview with IBRAHIM HAMISU in Kano.

starting point

I first encountered obstacles on my path to becoming a movie actor. After finishing high school, I was resolved to follow my passion for acting in movies. I first started in Kannywood as a dancer and was often asked to act in films. I kept focused on reaching my ultimate objective despite being pushed to the side, certain I would finally achieve it.


Indeed, compliments on my dance abilities gave me confidence; many people would say I had the makings of a hero. I accepted this motivation and kept pursuing my passion, telling myself I had to do everything possible to succeed.

My most recent acting credits are the characters of Buba and Danladi in the films Ina Da Mata and Zo Mu Zauna. Because of these performances, I’ve become well-known, and people now call me Buba or Danladi everywhere I go.

the upcoming

I want to get married and start a company outside of the film industry in the future. I see a business that could support me even if there was no film industry.

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