Angry APC leaders in Kaduna criticise the “recycling” of political appointments and the absence of compensation

Jul 22, 2023 | 2023 Elections | 0 comments

Some Kaduna State All Progressives Congress (APC) members are upset over their purported expulsion despite supporting the party and Governor Uba Sani in the previous election.

According to Daily Trust, dissatisfied members felt abandoned by the recycling of commissioners and other political appointments from Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s government.

The state administration said such sentiments and agitations were inevitable, emphasising that not everyone would get a political post.

Governor Uba Sani has yet to nominate all his cabinet members, but his followers were concerned that former government officials might control the bulk of the cabinet.

Some dissatisfied members thought they spent time, energy, and money supporting the party and governor to join the government only to be included. They stated that maintaining prior appointments may limit the party’s capacity to adapt to changing state demands and problems and limit the party’s ability to attract new talent.

One of the governor’s dissatisfied supporters, who requested anonymity, expressed anger at not being considered for an early position despite possessing the credentials.

He hopes to be considered since he supported the governor in the past election, and the governor knows his importance in the last general election.

“I faced serious challenges even from some former government officials for my support for Senator Uba Sani,” the member said. Most split their loyalties awaiting the previous governor’s selected candidate.”

He stressed that he actively backed the governor via his support group during the elections because he believed in him. However, the delay in repaying loyalty is politically humiliating and discourages others from supporting politicians.

“The complaints are much because there are those who view the reappointment or recycling of former political appointees as not the best for the present administration,” the member said of the recycling of former commissioners and political advisers.

He stressed the necessity for a comprehensive change of appointments and the inclusion of new brains capable of providing better outcomes. He added that, like other unhappy members, they were encouraged to be patient as better government possibilities may arrive.

Alhaji Mohammed Murtala, a state APC leader, said, “Politics is done on earth and will be left on earth, so the way you support a person or a political party is how the party should reward you. Supporting a party or person who won’t reward you is wrong.”

Murtala stressed that excluding governor supporters is political suicide since they may be required in the future.

The APC chieftain noted that politics in the country has changed and the electorate is wiser, indicating that future elections are uncertain. He advised elected officials to reward those who supported them to victory without discrimination, saying loyalty should be reciprocated.

Multala said he needed to find out how close the governor was to his previous employer Nasiru El-Rufai.

Given the state’s complexity, another Kajuru Local Government Area APC leader, Benjamin Yuhana Maigari, supported the governor. He recommended recycling old officials who had worked with former Governor El-Rufai at the start of the present government to assist the governor in comprehending the issue.

Maigari stated that the governor may hire new people after six months to help the state’s goal and vision.

He acknowledged individuals who felt misled despite supporting the governor and stressed that government is about making the correct choices and comprehending the circumstances, not rewarding loyalty.

He advised patience and support for the governor, promising to reward his supporters.

Maigari said the governor and the previous governor were friends before becoming governors.

He said that Senator Uba’s governorship shouldn’t end their connection.

Maigari noted the governor’s use of committees to learn about the state and said he would ultimately hire help to administer it.

APC Zone 2 Chairman Abubakar Muhammad Kurau recognised people’s grievances about not being in the new administration.

He said criticism is legitimate but linked the delayed governance to the country’s economic position, saying the governor has to comprehend the status before making choices.

Kurau said that not everyone would be selected by the government, but the government would still consider them.

He asked people to pray for the governor to make positive choices for residents and to stop whining.

Muhammad Lawal Shehu, the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, said it’s usual for the party faithful to be angry at the start of any government, but appointments will continue until the conclusion.

He reminded everyone that previous Governor Nasir El-fail made selections after his government.

“Not all party members can be advisers, special assistants, or commissioners. However, many party loyal are being taken along”.

Shehu says the administration has yet to make 20% of its nominations, meaning more are coming.

He said the governor wisely reappointed a few political appointees to advise the new ones for consistency.

Shehu further promised that all important contributors would be reimbursed elsewhere as the administration had just been in power for 40 days.

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