Anglican bishop asks FG to stop the rate of increase in inflation

Apr 18, 2024 | Religion | 0 comments

The Bishop of the Diocese of Ondo, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Stephen Oni, has issued an appeal to the Federal Government to address the persistent inflation crisis gripping the nation.

Expressing deep concern over the ongoing economic hardship facing Nigerians, Bishop Oni highlighted the detrimental effects of inflation, including a significant brain drain among young professionals.

Following the conclusion of the third session of the 24th Synod of the Diocese, held at Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Araromi-Obu, in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State, the bishop issued a communiqué urging government officials at all levels to implement measures to combat the rampant inflation.

Specifically, Bishop Oni called for restructuring Nigeria, emphasising the urgent need for devolution of powers and resource control among states. He stressed that such reforms are crucial for effectively addressing the nation’s economic challenges.

Furthermore, the bishop condemned the alarming increase in incidents of schoolchildren kidnapping, labelling it an abnormal occurrence. He also denounced the prevalent issues of kidnapping, banditry, and insecurity plaguing the country.

In addition, Bishop Oni expressed dismay at the rampant theft of Nigerian crude oil, urging the church to actively advocate against materialism, which contributes to societal decay.

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