Akpabio shares iftar (fast food) with his Muslim coworkers

Apr 3, 2024 | Religion | 0 comments

Senate President Godswill Akpabio celebrated Iftar with Muslim colleagues in Abuja.

During the event, attended by Christian Senators, Akpabio stated that religion cannot divide us, emphasising that the Christian Lenten and Muslim Ramadan periods coincided strategically.

He stated it showed that Muslims and Christians have separate religions but one God, the Supreme God.

Akpabio said: “I want to congratulate all of us for breaking fast today and thank Almighty Allah for keeping us alive to see this day. I pray that He will continue to protect us, look after our health, and look after our families throughout Ramadan.

It’s no coincidence that God is combining Muslim and Christian fasting. This is the second or third time.

The goal is to show that while we have many religions, there is only one God, the Supreme God, who protects us.

The invitation was for those of us still alive, to God’s glory. Please meet and break the fast with those who have yet to travel to Saudi Arabia for the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Naturally, we invited Christian Senators. For them, it’s an Easter celebration. We need only unite. We must continue to work together as brothers and sisters of God for our beloved country. No religion can divide us.

Family disagreements exist regardless of political turbulence. But we must remember that we are helping humanity via Almighty God and that we will leave this world to account for our deeds. That is the guide.

All humans have a birth time—a time to depart. Ramadan and Easter reconnect us with God, so we know we are not in this world for naught.

“He sends us here to live in peace, love, pray, and work together for humanity’s progress.

On leaving, we will leave legacies that say we were here, and others will take up our place. Tonight, I pray that God helps us improve Nigeria’s future.

On behalf of other Senators, Deputy Senate President Barau Jibrin thanked the Senate President for inviting them to Iftar.

We appreciate it. This invitation shows your concern for all Nigerian senators. You are known as a kind leader who cares about all Senators.

This invite confirmed our knowledge of you. Hausa proverb: Inviting you is tastier than food.

When we learned about the invitation, we were glad you thought of us and were caring. Thank you very much.

May Allah guide and support us as we work with the executive branch to overcome our obstacles and turn them into prosperity. Senator Jibrin stated that with God’s help, this country will soon become El Dorado.

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