After an automobile accident, Very Dark Man ends up in a hospital

Apr 23, 2024 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Verydarkman disclosed he was involved in a car accident after noticing three guys on a power bike suspiciously spying on him.

Taking to his Instagram page, he revealed that he went from being the best man at a friend’s wedding to ending up in a hospital.

Social media activist Verydarkman expressed his concern for the world after being admitted to the hospital following a car accident. Sharing his experience on his Instagram account, Verydarkman opens up about the bewildering turn his life has taken. He recounts his moment of happiness as a groomsman at a friend’s wedding to the moment he arrived at the hospital.

He reveals the harrowing details of the car accident that left him in deep thought. “I went from being a best man at a wedding to landing in the hospital; three guys on a power bike came to spy on me suspiciously,” he revealed.

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