Adanma Luke Provides Evidence of Her Assistance in Assisting Families of Drowned Crew Members with Their Funerals

Apr 26, 2024 | Entertainment

Nollywood producer Adanma Luke has addressed circulating accusations of neglect in the wake of a tragic incident involving Junior Pope and four others during a movie production.

Following her surrender to the authorities in response to the heartbreaking event, Adanma clarified that she has been actively engaged in supporting the families of the deceased. She detailed her efforts, including arranging funds for gravediggers and providing fuel for police officers involved in the search for the bodies.

Sharing evidence of payments made on behalf of the deceased, Adanma disclosed that while some families received agreed-upon amounts, others opted for burials by the waterside. She further showcased her commitment by arranging transportation, such as an ambulance, for the deceased individuals, Precious and Friday, to be taken from Asaba to their respective homes.

Asserting her humanity and compassion, Adanma emphasized that she is not devoid of empathy and is actively striving to ensure the departed find peace.

In a poignant caption accompanying one of her posts, Adanma expressed, “I am human and cannot bear to be perceived as heartless. My actions speak to my desire for the departed souls to find peace.”

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