According to CG NCoS, 69% of inmates in Nigeria are awaiting trial

Aug 12, 2023 | International | 0 comments

CG NCoS estimates 69% of Nigerian inmates are awaiting trial.
On July 31, 54,171 of 79,076 incarcerated detainees were awaiting trial.

Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) Controller-General Haliru Nababa presented the statistic during an international prisoner justice conference in Abuja on Thursday.

2023 World Prisoners Justice Day conference.

Abdulai Magaji, NCoS Deputy Controller-General, Finance and Accounting Department, represented Nababa at the meeting.

On July 31, 54,171 of the 79,076 detainees were awaiting trial, while 24,905 were convicted.

“This is the NCoS’s worst setback. Having to continually produce convicts in court is unimaginable.

He said, “This is compounded with the difficulty of handling so many pre-trial inmates among congestion.

The NCoS Act (2019) gave the agency a stronger foundation to speed up justice in Nigeria.

He said the meeting was crucial because justice is the foundation of every social organisation.

“Justice underpins human society. It emphasises everyone’s rights and dignity, especially prisoners.

“This, primarily underlines the aptness of this conference’s theme: “Enhancing Global Response for Prisoners’ Justice,”” he stated.

He emphasised that secure and compassionate care in correctional centres is the pinnacle of justice delivery for prisoners and society.

Magaji said NCoS logistical assistance has enhanced awaiting-trial detainees’ access to justice.

He said that the days of offenders skipping court due to mobility issues were over.

The conference’s Chief Convener, Rev. Fr. Victor Nyoroh, said the subject was appropriate since the world emphasised compassionate confinement.

He stated, “We as a country cannot be left behind, but must do everything within our ability to ensure detainees obtain fast justice.

He said convicts and their sympathisers commemorated unnatural prison deaths on Aug. 10.

He added the occasion was also for people wanting criminal justice system reforms that dehumanise and brutalise them.

He added, “This is why stakeholders in the criminal justice system are gathering here to map a way ahead to strengthen inmates justice despite issues affecting this sector of the economy.

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