A woman was reportedly arrested after confronting a senior who had harassed her at school

May 20, 2024 | International | 0 comments

A Nigerian woman has reportedly been arrested and is facing court charges days after accusing a former school senior of bullying her in secondary school.

The social media user, known as @Softlifetemi, whose account has since been deactivated, had publicly accused Olotu Adeola of slapping her nine times during their time at school. This accusation surfaced around the same time a student from Lead British International School reported a bullying incident.

Another user, @Omolomo_o, updated the situation by taking to the social media platform X to reveal that Temi is currently detained and facing court charges.

Detailing the events, @Omolomo_o explained:

“So guys, how many people remember the young girl who came online to speak about how Nurse Olotu Adeola bullied her in secondary school?

Her name is Temi, and she has the username @/softlifetemi (before she was forced to deactivate Twitter).

Apparently and ALLEGEDLY, this Olotu girl used her family’s influence to have Temi arrested. They’ve locked her up, threatened her family, and even placed her in the male section of police custody.

You’d think this is the end, but ALLEGEDLY, they hastened court proceedings and plan to prosecute her tomorrow because her family has connections and money.

If you check this thread in the picture below, this Olotu girl admitted she was defensive back then in secondary school but is now angry about being called out because she wants to maintain her stance on being a bully.

What happened to reporting her junior to a teacher back then in school? Instead, she took power into her own hands, claiming to be defensive.”

The incident has sparked a significant outcry on social media, with many users demanding justice and questioning the influence wielded by Olotu Adeola’s family.

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