A woman from China who experienced Mao’s political purging claims to have PTSD as a result of seeing historical events replayed on US college campuses

May 17, 2024 | Politics | 0 comments

A survivor of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution has disclosed experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) triggered by witnessing what she perceives as ‘Marxist hordes’ dominating US college campuses.

Lily Tang Williams, a Republican congressional candidate in New Hampshire, expressed her concerns to Fox News, drawing parallels between Mao’s Communist purge and the fervent chants of ‘Death to America’ among students.

‘At times, I get anxious and struggle to sleep well when I see the way they chant,’ she revealed. ‘It’s as if the Red Guards are active once again.’

Having fled China in 1988 to pursue studies in the United States, Tang Williams escaped the tumult of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, a decade-long campaign marked by violent suppression of capitalist elements and widespread persecution.

Tang Williams cautioned against students involved in pro-Palestine demonstrations losing sight of their message and potentially drifting towards anti-American sentiments. She suggested that some may be swayed by manipulation, a tactic reminiscent of Mao’s indoctrination methods during the Cultural Revolution.

‘Mao believed that young minds were like blank canvases, ripe for the most captivating illustrations,’ Tang Williams warned, drawing parallels between the manipulation of youth then and now.

She underscored the importance of embracing counterarguments, pointing to Mao’s aggressive campaign against the ‘Four Olds’—traditional ideas, culture, customs, and habits—as a cautionary tale against ideological conformity.

Reflecting on her own experiences and observing recent events, Tang Williams emphasized the unsettling similarities between communities ravaged by communism and the ideological chaos manifesting among some college protesters.

The pro-Palestine protests, which sparked prolonged unrest across the US, have gradually subsided in recent weeks. Despite months of intense demonstrations and confrontations with law enforcement, encampments at universities like Harvard and NYU were eventually dismantled without major incidents.

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