A lawyer for the family of a slain MP files a lawsuit in court

Jul 18, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

Chérubin Okende, a former member of parliament and opposition leader, was represented by a lawyer who filed a complaint against “unknown people” with the Kinshasa public prosecutor’s office.

On Thursday, a body was discovered in the capital of the DRC belonging to the former government minister and opposition figure.

According to Laurent Onyemba, the family’s attorney, “Mr. Chérubin Okende was murdered in unspeakable circumstances, and the family, after consultation with the widow, children, fathers of the deceased, and his brothers and sisters, have today decided to take the case to the Congolese courts so that light can be shed on this heinous murder of the honourable Member of Parliament, Chérubin Okende.”

Chérubin Okende, 61 years old, resigned as transport minister in December last year.

Also, he served as an executive for Mose Katumbi’s presidential candidate party, “Ensemble pour la République.”

“What counts to us in this case is not a failed trial, nor is it judicial posturing intended to sway or confuse public opinion. In order to ensure that some light is shed, we will participate in this activity as solicitors “, the attorney comforted.

On December 20, the Democratic Republic of the Congo will hold elections for national, province, and local council members.

Félix Tshisekedi is running for re-election after becoming office in January 2019.

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