Video: Nwankwo Kanu, the legendary Super Eagles player, becomes homeless? These Are Some Information to Remember

May 3, 2024 | Sports | 0 comments

The purported viral video depicting former Super Eagles legend Nwankwo Kanu as impoverished and homeless, despite his substantial earnings during his football career, has been confirmed as fake.

In a recent TikTok video shared by Yaw Blaq, Kanu is depicted as destitute and without a home. The video juxtaposes two images: one showing Kanu during his active days with the Super Eagles and the other portraying him sitting on the street, seemingly begging. The caption accompanying the video questions the authenticity of Kanu’s alleged downfall.

The first image displayed Kanu in action, set against the backdrop of three cars and a house, with a figure of $950 million inscribed above. In stark contrast, the second image depicted him labelled as “Broke,” conveying a narrative of his purported financial ruin.

Reports suggest that the video gained traction on various Facebook blogs, attributing Kanu’s alleged financial downfall to his rumoured involvement with a South African woman.

However, recent investigations have debunked the claims of Kanu’s destitution. Kanu’s recent social media activity, including posts on Instagram and X, indicates his active involvement in charitable endeavours. Specifically, he shared a promotional video inviting fans to participate in the Charity Champions Cup organized by the Atton Foundation.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that Kanu currently serves as the chairman of Enyimba FC, a Nigerian professional football club based in Abia State. He has also secured a four-year ambassadorial deal with, a crypto sports betting platform.

The origin of the images used in the misleading video was traced to two YouTube videos titled “5 Nigerian Footballers Who Went Broke After Making Millions.” These videos utilized photo collages as thumbnails to attract viewers, a common tactic among content creators. Additionally, it was discovered that the image used had been excessively circulated and had lost its metadata. Upon closer examination, the watermark “Alamy” was found on the image, suggesting its source as a stock photo titled “Black homeless beggar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.”

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