The “Ring of Fire” volcano in Indonesia erupts once more, displacing thousands of people from their homes and shutting an international airport

May 2, 2024 | International | 0 comments

In a series of dramatic eruptions, Mount Ruang, a remote volcano nestled in Indonesia, unleashed towering columns of ash soaring more than five kilometres into the sky. The eruptions, occurring multiple times on Tuesday, sparked widespread panic, prompting the evacuation of thousands and the closure of an international airport.

Mount Ruang, which had already erupted several times earlier in the month, intensified its activity, propelling plumes of ash and volcanic debris high into the atmosphere. The escalating volcanic unrest prompted authorities to raise the alert level to its highest, signalling the potential for further hazardous eruptions.

Situated in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province, Mount Ruang unleashed its fury around 1:15 am local time, with subsequent eruptions occurring throughout Tuesday morning. In response to the heightened volcanic activity, officials established a six-kilometre exclusion zone, urging residents to remain vigilant amidst the looming threats of incandescent rock ejections, scorching hot clouds, and potential tsunamis triggered by volcanic material entering the sea.

The awe-inspiring spectacle of Mount Ruang’s eruptions captivated onlookers, with crowds gathering to witness the spectacle despite the inherent dangers posed by the volcanic activity. Lightning illuminated the turbulent skies above the volcano, adding to the surreal and ominous ambience surrounding the eruptions.

As Mount Ruang continues to unleash its fury, residents and authorities remain on high alert, closely monitoring the situation and bracing for further disruptions caused by the unpredictable forces of nature.

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