Agritech launches a product lending programme to make animal health information easily accessible

May 2, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

Farm Alert, a prominent agritech company committed to enhancing animal health and productivity, has unveiled a collaboration with Lenco (YC W22) and Ure Microfinance Bank to introduce a loan product tailored to tackle challenges within Nigeria’s animal health sector.

Veterinarians and animal health professionals nationwide often encounter financial hurdles that impede their capacity to deliver vital services to farmers and pet owners.

The scarcity of accessible capital inhibits them from stocking essential drugs, vaccines, and other crucial animal health products. This results in delayed treatment, diminished animal productivity, and the potential spread of diseases.

The introduction of Farm Alert’s new loan product promises a timely and innovative remedy. Veterinarians registered as partners with Farm Alert can access product credit from distribution centres located in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, and Kano.

This initiative will enable veterinarians to promptly procure necessary drugs and vaccines for animal treatment, irrespective of their immediate financial means.

This endeavour holds the potential to revolutionize animal health provision in Nigeria. By alleviating financial barriers, veterinarians can respond swiftly to animal health needs, leading to enhanced outcomes and minimized livestock losses.

Dr. Femi Kayode, CEO of Farm Alert, commented on the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Lenco and Ure Microfinance Bank signifies a significant milestone in our quest to make animal health accessible to all in Nigeria. By addressing the critical issue of capital constraints, we are empowering veterinarians to deliver the essential services upon which farmers and pet owners depend.”

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