Online scammers will “end in destruction,” Oyedepo cautions

May 2, 2024 | International | 0 comments

Presiding Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winners Chapel International, has strongly denounced fraudsters and individuals involved in internet scamming, commonly referred to as “Yahoo Boys,” asserting that their future is marred by darkness.

Derived from the Yahoo e-mail service, the term “Yahoo Boy” is commonly used to describe young men who engage in various forms of internet fraud, including advanced fee fraud and other deceptive schemes.

Bishop Oyedepo delivered a persistent message, warning against the detrimental consequences of indulging in fraudulent activities. He emphasized that those involved in such practices are paving a path filled with darkness and destruction for themselves.

Addressing the congregation, Bishop Oyedepo reiterated that individuals engaged in fraudulent activities, including internet scams and identity theft, are embarking on a perilous journey that ultimately leads to bitterness and ruin. He urged them to abandon such illicit activities and seek a righteous and honourable path in life.

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