4,000 expectant mothers are enrolled in health insurance by Ebonyi – Official

Apr 18, 2024 | Health | 0 comments

The Ebonyi State Health Insurance Agency has successfully enrolled over 4,000 pregnant women from all 13 local government areas in its health insurance initiative. Divine Igwe, the agency’s executive secretary, revealed this during a press briefing in Abakaliki following an enrollment drive in Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

Igwe explained that the enrollment effort was conducted in collaboration with the Better Life for Rural Women, Children, and Internally Displaced Persons Foundation, spearheaded by the state governor’s wife.

Beneficiaries of the scheme will have access to essential healthcare services, including antenatal care and childbirth services, with provisions even for medical procedures if necessary. Igwe clarified that the enrollment process is not intended to promote increased pregnancies, as most of the enrolled women were already pregnant before joining the scheme. The coverage spans a one-year period, with an emphasis on responsible family planning given prevailing economic challenges.

Moreover, Igwe disclosed that a total of 51,800 individuals have been enrolled in the program since the governor sanctioned the inclusion of the formal sector. This initiative, which includes civil servants, has significantly expanded the program’s reach to more residents, enhancing service delivery.

The agency has forged partnerships with additional healthcare providers across the state to ensure comprehensive access to healthcare services, encompassing antenatal care and childbirth, among others. Furthermore, the agency has augmented its benefit packages to include services like dental care, mental health support, and enhanced maternity care.

Embracing digital technology, the agency has streamlined its operations through a digital platform for enrollment, claims processing, and member communication, facilitating easier access to and utilization of health insurance benefits. Additionally, community outreach and health education campaigns have been conducted to raise awareness about the importance of health insurance.

Nkechi Echiegu, team lead of the governor’s wife’s pet project, commended the Ebonyi State Health Insurance Agency for its impactful intervention, noting its positive effect on the well-being of women and children in the state.

Finally, Promise Chukwuka, a beneficiary, expressed gratitude to the state government for the scheme and advocated for the enrollment of more women, acknowledging its critical role in improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes.

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